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Doula Services

A doula is a non-medical support person educated and trained in pregnancy, birth and post-partum matters. As a doula my job is firstly to support Mum but also extends to support for partners, siblings and significant others. As a doula, I work for you and will do my very best to help you have the pregnancy, labour and birth you want, how and where you want without prejudices or judgement.

A doula does not replace the role of a partner, rather we enhance the whole experience for all those invested in your labour and birth. 

There is a growing body of evidence which clearly supports the benefits that women and families experience by hiring a doula, both physically and mentally. 


Post-Partum Helping Hand Package

Post-partum home support Free Consult 1hr 4 x 2hr Home Support Visits

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Post-Partum Helping Hand One Off

Post-partum home support 1 x 3hr Home Support Visit


Helping Hand Your Own Package 

Tailor the perfect post-partum package for you and your family.

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