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At Herbal Naturiel we provide confidential Personal Consultations to record your Health & Well-being history for assessment & future reference to develop a personalised Treatment Plan for your Holistic Healing and Well-being.

At your direction, Herbal and Supplement Prescriptions can be supplied through our online service in conjunction with Natural Script.


Meet Leonie Quigley

Herbalist / Nutritionist

Leonie is a qualified Herbalist and Nutritionist with an Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine registered with the Complimentary Medicine Association (CMA). 

Herbal remedies fit perfectly with her deepest instincts of health and healing being a combination of attentiveness to the body, mind, soul , heart and our natural world.

Leonie has real life experiences with Depression, Anxiety, Cancer, Mainstream Health, Counselling, Yoga and Meditation. Through contributing to and involvement with support groups and personal development programs,  combined with surgical, pharmaceutical and natural therapies, she now leads a healthy and fulfilled life style founded on a strong desire to help others. 

Leonie also holds a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing (Div 2).

As a mother of 4 wonderful children and grandmother to 4 pure and growing grandchildren she has always dedicated herself so that others may develop and find health and happiness in theirs.

Leonie would love to meet you and share her knowledge and life experience so you to may find health and happiness in your own.


Why Western Herbal Medicine?

Natural Caring based on

Holistic Methodology

All body systems and their relationships are considered when performing assessments, prescribing medicines and preparing treatment plans. Attention is given to the mind, body and soul.

No Harm Culture

Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that are achievable, that work and don’t ruin your enjoyment of life.

Supplements that are made in Australia and have been researched and prescribed specifically for your complaint/s.

Herbal medicines sourced from ethical locations and are people and environmentally friendly and formulated in Australia.

Body System Relationships

Gastrointestinal System – (digestion and elimination, from mouth to toilet)

Hepatobiliary System – (liver and gallbladder)

Immune System – (including autoimmune)

Respiratory System – (nose to lungs)

Musculoskeletal System – (muscles and bones)

Integumentary System – (skin)

Urinary & Renal System – (kidneys, bladder and beyond)

Reproductive System – (female and male)

Cardiovascular System – (heart and circulation)

Endocrine System – (glands and hormones)

Nervous System - (including mental wellbeing)

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"I felt very comfortable during my consultation with Leonie.   She was both professional and personable, putting me at ease straight away.  The herbal mixtures and other supplements have certainly helped with the reasons I went to see her and I would happily recommend her to anyone.  

— Kerry Mooney



Holistic Standard Initial Consultation
Holistic Standard Follow-up 
Holistic Comprehensive Initial Consultation
Holistic Comprehensive Follow-up 
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Nutrition Follow-up 
Nutrition Initial Consultation

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